YouTube Thumbnails Canva – EASY THUMBNAIL TUTORIAL

Making YouTube Thumbnails shouldn’t be too difficult and this process is simple to do inside Canva. In this video, I share the EXACT process that I use to create YouTube Thumbnails in Canva. PLUS, how to save templates so you can make these faster next time! It’s quick and easy and you can do it too!

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**** About This Video **** In this video, Lindsey Hazel from talks about how to design youtube thumbnails with Canva. She will show you a basic tutorial for to make designs you love!

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  1. Nice tutorial! I have a question: how often can we change the thumbnail?

  2. Very Nice ! You made that look easy.. how long does it take to upload to YouTube is my question

  3. Awesome ma'am…
    It's very helpful for me

  4. Awesome, Lindsey. I'm glad to see that you're using gradients, which I happen to love too. I'm also glad to see that you swap out thumbnails, which I just did.

  5. When I created a YouTube thumbnail, I notice that there is a "dotted margin" within the workspace. Should we stay within that grid when adding in text or other elements to the thumbnail? Or if I drag my image beyond that area will it be cut off in my final product? I only see this grid when I'm holding my mouse button on my image and moving it around that grid shows itself.

  6. canva is great..I'm also using

  7. Hahah, always love the bloopers at the end!

  8. Thank you, Lindsey!